"Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image,

 or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, 

or that is in the earth beneath, or that is

 in the water under the earth:"  (Exodus 20:4)

For this section we will attend to the first part of this commandment:


Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image,

or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above


    We have already noted that any use of the Great Pyramid as an altar memorial pillar to Yahweh would be a violation of Exodus 20:25  "And if thou wilt make me an altar of stone, thou shalt not build it of hewn stone: for if thou lift up thy tool upon it, thou hast polluted it."  Stone altars to Yahweh on the part of faithful Adamic Israel were made of natural unhewn stone.  We have previously covered the explanation as to why.  But there is yet another equally or worse violation against Yahweh's altar commandments that had consumed the minds and hearts of those who had built the Great Pyramid on the Giza plateau (plain).  We hear so much about the Great Pyramid that virtually nobody has paid attention to the fact that the Great Pyramid does not stand alone in its purpose.  The Great Pyramid was and is only one structure within a "pyramid city complex" that was constructed in honor of the Egyptian god Osiris and for worship of the celestial bodies of stars and planets, the Sun obviously being the largest of these. This pyramid complex is patterned after the heavenly (night sky) arrangements of stars in the constellation Orion.  The entire area of what is built on the Plain of Giza is an image and likeness of what the heathen Egyptian priests observed at night above in the "heavens".  It is a flagrant violation of Yahweh's commandment, "Thou shalt not make unto thee --- any likeness of anything that is in heaven above".

   Most people think that this only means we shouldn't carve figures of birds in use for religious services, and this of course is true if ever attempted, but it is not the basic reason for this commandment.  Remember that the Israelites had just come out of Egypt and Yahweh had given the 10 commandments to Moses on Mt. Sinai.  Moses and the people were well aware of the Egyptian gods, their customs, their priesthood, and the meanings of their heathen worship.  They also knew of the Egyptian cities and buildings.  No --- there is something far more sinister than small carved idols that this commandment stresses in its warning.  The Egyptian religion was of paramount importance at the Pyramid complex of buildings, and those buildings were centered around planetary worship and celestial body veneration to their gods Ra and Osiris.  Egyptians believed that their god Osiris had his soul embodied in the Orion constellation.  In effect, as far as the Egyptians were concerned Orion was Osiris.


 Western Zodiacs show the Orion stars as a hunter.        Egyptians saw Orion as the god Osiris holding the star Aldebaran.

    After Yahweh had freed Israel from Egyptian slavery, Yahweh laid down the law that there will be no such religious building designs and arrangements patterned after the stars (likeness of a heavenly image).  The below diagram shows the basic layout of the pyramids at Giza with the Great Pyramid being located by the red arrow.  It is drawn in comparison to the constellation "Orion" as would be seen by the  builders millennia ago. The two diagonal corner pyramids are missing as the pyramid complex was not finished, but we can clearly see the intent was to pattern their religious compound after an image in the heavens, as the heathen non Saxon branch of Egyptians inherited a belief that their Pharaohs were being transported to the Orion star group after their death.


 Orion Star Constellation, Milky Way Galaxy (clustered left)

 and five corresponding Pyramids aligned in Giza

Above illustrated image represents view from N to S,  (not precise scale)

See photos below for actual stellar and building comparison. Center top of pyramids would be star points.


Shown above left is a telescopic photo of the constellation Orion.  Middle is a magnification of Orion's belt with the top right star smaller and off center. Right is an aerial photo of the three Pyramids --  Khufu (Great Pyramid), Khafre, and top right Menkaure.  Notice the mirror image of the pyramids in the likeness of Orion's belt with the Menkaure pyramid being smaller and off center. As above so below.  The Pyramid builders were copying the celestials.  This is a totally profane application of observing what The Creator has made in nature, then replicating it on Earth to "gain wisdom".  It does not really matter whether we can or can't build a celestial calendar around the Great Pyramid and it's Orion complex.  Yahweh Almighty says not to for high reasons He knows, and for any faithful obedient son of Isaac that should be enough! 


     In 1994  pyramid researcher Robert Bauval wrote The Orion Mystery (with Adrian Gilbert) which details the correlation of the fourth dynasty Egyptian pyramids to stars in the Orion constellation.  Bauval was born in 1948, Alexandria Egypt, of Belgian parents, and has lived in the Middle East most of his life working as a construction engineer.  The Orion Mystery became a number one best seller in the United Kingdom.  The correlation reveals not only a connection between the layout of the pyramids to Orion in the sky, but the position of the Nile River in relation to the pyramids is also seen with the position of the Milky Way galaxy to that of the Orion Constellation.  The Egyptian priests considered the Milky Way as the Nile River in the sky. It is no accident that the pyramids were built in this manner.  The quest for immortality in becoming a new star in this constellation after death was the quest of the Pharaohs and it was taught in their religion.  According to the Egyptian priesthood teachings, Orion is the celestial embodiment of the Egyptian god Osiris.  Osiris was their god of life, death, and rebirth in the cosmos. Osiris works through the pyramid complex at night while Ra, the Sun god, works through it during the day. These two gods were the main deities of ancient Egypt.

    Before Bauval's work, in 1964 astronomer Virginia Trimble (B.A. in Physics & Astronomy UCLA) recorded  that the southern shaft of the King's chamber points to Orion.  Other researchers are presently investigating yet more pyramid sites for matching star systems in the heavens. It has taken nearly 4000 years, but with today's equipment and the many centuries of painstaking record keeping of Egyptology information, the secret of the pyramids is being brought to light.  An ancient astrology priesthood obsessed with the "gods in the stars" had created a national religious fervor which lasted centuries.  In fact, there is a distinct possibility that the heathen Egyptians had inherited this fanatical religious/state methodology from a prior civilization, along with a handed down mathematical knowledge on construction plans. However, what civilization and exactly when can not be proven beyond doubt -- yet.  Nevertheless, at every turn of investigation we see that the Great Pyramid as well as the other pyramids in the Giza complex WERE NOT the construction projects of the Biblical Israelites, and demonstratively show that they were the exact opposite, as far as our Biblical faith is concerned.

Here is an informative quote from a time honored literary work on ancient religions:

    Sun Lore of All Ages, by William Tyler Olcott, [1914], p 143

   "Nothing proves so much the antiquity of solar idolatry as the care Moses took to prohibit it. "Take care," said he to the Israelites, "lest when you lift up your eyes to Heaven and see the sun, the moon, and all the stars, you be seduced and drawn away to pay worship and adoration to the creatures which the Lord your God has made for the service of all the nations under Heaven." Then we have the mention of Josiah taking away the horses that the king of Judah had given to the sun, and burning the chariot of the sun with fire. These references agree perfectly with the recognition in Palmyra of the Lord Sun, Baal Shemesh, and with the identification of the Assyrian Bel, and the Tyrian Baal with the sun."


  Rather than the Great pyramid being a gift from Yahweh for learning His Sabbath and Feast Day times, the Great Pyramid, above all other monuments, typifies the ongoing anti-Yahweh religion of the World Order.  That ungodly order of men's arrogance and ignorance of the redeeming blood of Christ never stops searching into nature for the "secrets of eternal life".  The stars and all the mysticism surrounding them have long held out false hopes of man's ambition to live forever, when that fulfillment can only be found on the knees with heads bowed in contrition to the act done at the Cross of Calvary.  Many will always be amazed at the creation (natural events and stars above), but never know the Creator, just as someone might stare at a painting in awe but never know the artist.  The Egyptian fixation on the Great Pyramid with it's "watching" the heavens' stars and Sun by it's astronomical calculations exemplifies why Yahweh warned Israel to be careful of being seduced by the magnificence of nature to the distraction of its Maker. The Sun and the Great Pyramid working in tandem on the Vernal Equinox Day was never a point of interest to the loyal priesthood of Yahweh nor to any son or daughter of Isaac awaiting the arrival of the Messiah Yahshua/Jesus Christ.  The Pyramid/Equinox correlation is but a perversion and misuse of the seasons to create a calendrical system of days that will never coincide with the time schedule of events as portrayed in Yahweh's true Biblical solar calendar.  Those entering the Sabbaths based on the Great Pyramid, enter into a seductive counterfeit time system dating back to Egyptian occultism or even before. Yahweh has ages ago foreseen this in the hearts and minds of men and has issued His warning -- "Don't copy for religious use what you see in the heavens to try to reach Me." (paraphrased)

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