The Great Pyramid of Giza has certain unique structural alignments with the Equinoxes and the Solstices.  This much we know and can verify. That along with the fact that nobody has yet figured out exactly how this structure was built has cast a shroud of mystery upon its purpose for existence.  Certain religious zealots, pleading the case that only God could direct the building of such a structure, have adopted the Pyramid as their own in order to provide the world with 'answers' surrounding the questions concerning it. Their answers do not  hold up under scrutiny.

   Pyramidologists, some of whom teach that Israel indeed migrated up into the British Isles, base a connection between the Great Pyramid and the Bible upon their position that the Pyramid was constructed around the "British Inch" and that this "Pyramid/British inch" relates to the Biblical "cubit".  From here it is claimed that "the Great Pyramid is the Bible in Stone" and that a prophetic timeline is encased in the various stone measurements of it.  This sounds like an amazing revelation, and at one time I myself bought into it, putting my trust in these educated men who I never would have imagined to be in error.  That was before I decided to quell my emotional enthusiasm about this superlative idea, quit listening to others who were telling me that this was "gospel truth", and check out a few of these prophetic figures and claims on my own.  Needless to say, I was quite taken back and felt let down that some authors who taught the Saxon-Israelite connection, would juggle mathematical calculations (which can be rechecked by the way) to supposedly "prove" that the Great Pyramid was a monumental building project of our racial ancestors.

    Pyramidologists also quote archaeological works of Sir Flinders Petrie in discussions of their theories.  Petrie (English, 1853 - 1942) is perhaps the leading Egyptologist of all time and a pioneer of systematic methodology in archaeology.  His intricate calculations about the Great Pyramid are still used today by all in this field.  However, apparently unknown to most modern pyramidologists, here is what Professor Petrie had to say about pyramidologist math calculation claims of  which he was well aware:

  "It is useless to state the real truth of the matter, as it has no effect on those who are subject to this type of hallucination.   They can but be left with the flat earth believers and other such people to whom a theory is dearer than a fact."   page 35, Petrie's book  Seventy Years in Archaeology (London:Sampsom Low, Marston & Co.)

  If Sir Petrie could see what is going on today with the New Age pyramidologists he would be exposed to much more wild doctrine than just the flat earth theory.  Self proclaimed "prophecy expert"  Patrick Heron, postulates in his book The Pyramid of the Apocalypse (2004) that the pyramid was built by giants who were the offspring of fallen angels that took on flesh bodies and mated with earth women (citing Gen.6, of course).  Heron's pyramid prophecy calculations determine that "The Rapture" will be "mid tribulation".  This is particularly humorous since the Bible teaches no such doctrine as "The Rapture" at all ! (contact this ministry for the Biblical study proving no rapture)    Heron's pyramid math ( based on earlier pyramidologists' faulty math) concludes that the pyramid measurements coincide with  the true solar year of 365.242 days, and that the baseline of the Great Pyramid equals this in cubits, 365.242 sacred cubits to be exact according to Heron.  This is conveniently arrived at however since Heron claims that the cubit is 25.025 inches, upon which these calculations are made.  By arbitrarily increasing the length of the true ancient cubit until the decimal point results in the value "365.242" for the baseline measurement of the Great Pyramid, the New Age advocates teaching this off kilter theory can line up any measurement to fit for any object.  The reader can check any reliable Bible reference source to see that the ancient cubit WAS NEVER 25.025 inches, but was found to be between 17 inches and 20 inches, varying slightly among the ancient cultures.  From The Westminster Dictionary of the Bible, 1944 edition, page 122 we find:

"CUBIT -  a measurement of length based on the length of the forearm, about 18 inches.  ---  The Egyptian cubit (17.2 inches) contained six handbreadths or palms.  The royal cubit was a palm longer and was equal to 20.67 inches---"

   If the real cubit measure was used on the Great Pyramid, none of the so called "Pyramid Bible Time lines" would come anywhere near Bible history dates. The same sort of chicanery is used by pyramidologists to "discover" the British inch within the Great Pyramid calculations.  All of these unfounded math measurements are used to arrive at Biblical prophetic timelines which they see in the Great Pyramid.  This does not deny the fact that the Great Pyramid does align structurally at times of the year with the seasonal position of the Earth, Sun, and stars for another purpose.  But the Bible is not "in the Great Pyramid". Furthermore, there is no proof from any source, confirming that the builders were Saxon Hebrews, or Enoch, Job, or other patriarch of our Adamic family. Also, the pyramid inch and it's supposed 'sacred cubit' were not Israelite or British measurements.  Those assumptions have been artificially applied to the Great Pyramid by overzealous believers of their own theories.

 Below are only two of many Pyramid timeline prophecy web links, along with their doctrinal explanations.  They are loaded with info about their beliefs and pyramid predictions.  There are many more authors and teachers of this phenomena.  The mathematical 'Bible connections' that pyramidologists claim are always mistakenly  inferred by Scripture verse picking, and  never the result of properly "Study(ing) to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." 2 Timothy 2:15    The Pyramid "Bible timelines" are bogus, and they come packaged with a theological mix of "global oneness", "rapture dates", "pseudo-Bible books",  "heathen legends", and "spiritual enlightenment evolution".  In other words, most of those who read the Bible into the Great Pyramid also view the Bible as simply being on the same plane as  Astral Projectionism, Hinduism, Mayan or Hopi Beliefs, Ancient Egyptian Theology, Psychic or New Age Doctrine, Kabbala Magic, or any other "spiritist" movement.

Below is a partial list of well known pyramidologists who have used "Bible/Pyramid calculations" based on the perceived "Pyramid/British Inch" and the "Sacred Cubit"  to announce their timeline discoveries and predictions:

 Charles Piazzi Smyth, was a renowned pyramidologist of his day. He was a Scottish astronomer, who in 1864, laid the groundwork for the theory that the Great Pyramid held secrets to revealing Bible prophecy. He concluded, "these measurements also embodied in cipher from prophesies relating to the events that would later form the body of the Old Testament, as well as the complete future history of Christendom up to and including the Second Coming of Christ" (Man, Myth and Magic, Richard Cavendish, editor, Vol. 17, p. 2313)   In his book Our Inheritance In The Great Pyramid, Smyth predicted, using his Pyramid timeline, that the millennium reign of Jesus Christ would begin in 1960.

  In 1957 Adam Rutherford, another Scot, wrote "Outline of Pyramidology".  Rutherford seems to be the first to tie the Great Pyramid to Isaiah 19:19, 20 declaring that Pyramid to be God's revelation to man.  This pyramidologist believed and wrote that the Millennium would start in 1977.

   Another major book distributed by pyramidologists is The Great Pyramid, Its Divine Message (1925)  written by David Davidson.  Davidson calculated that the world would end in 1953.

 Mormon pyramidologist Francis M. Darter, announced: "I have, in one of my works, `The Time of the End,' analyzed the most vital prophecies recorded in the Hebrew Bible. From that record the date of A.D. 1940 was found to represent what appears to be the extreme limit for the Second Coming of Christ. The Great Pyramid has apparently placed this event near the close of 1936. As for myself, I am looking toward this date more than to any other"   From the book, Our Bible in Stone: Its Divine Purpose and Present Day Message (p. 144)  1931,  Deseret News Publishing Company (publisher for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)

   And let's not forget the Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce (1877-1945).  While in trances Cayce determined that the Great Pyramid was 10,000 years old and that it was built by a co-op of Egyptians, Atlanteans, and Russian Caucasians.  An Egyptian High Priest, RA TA (who Cayce said was actually himself in a previous life) led this whole building effort along with the help of an advisor named Isis.  Cayce claimed that Jesus Christ spent His "missing years" at the Great Pyramid locality and was initiated there in preparation for His later ministry.   According to Edgar Cayce, the language of geometry, mathematics, and astronomy found in the Great Pyramid told of the date of the Second Coming of Jesus.  That date? 1998.  (Encyclopedia of Mystical and Paranormal Experiences, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, p. 492)

  The mathematics, charts, diagrams, and Biblical connections repeatedly written in pyramidologist literature seem intriguing to some as they are doctrines which the Bible says "tickle the ears" for those who want to see something where there is nothing.  But the incorrectly claimed Israelite/British mathematics and their prophetic timelines of the Great Pyramid have failed the test miserably, just as the same calculations now being applied to the solar calendar by the 91st Dayers are doomed to fail by postulating a Pyramid-Bible solar year that WILL NOT WORK in conjunction with Yahweh's Sabbaths and Feast Days given to us in the Bible.

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